Shore Figure Oregon

There is a film that I have seen many times that always makes a deep impact on me. It is called, “Powaqqatsi”. I think the title is from the Hopi Indian language. There is no dialogue; just music and video. The footage is of people from all over the world; specifically from the “Third World” countries. Countries struggling with the transition from ancient traditions into new technologies and industrialization.

The film is beautifully photographed and is accompanied by a very haunting film score. It shows the beauty, the rhythms of life, and the hardships of these people. I think Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas were producers on this. And that shows in its quality.

But I find that each time I watch this film, I have to pray. Because I am always overcome with a sense of insignificance. Watching these countless people, it is difficult to not feel like only a tiny spec on this planet. Not even a blip on the radar.

And it makes me wonder how God can keep track of every soul.

How can He know all the details of my life? How can He be concerned with my problems when there are so many in this world? Problems that are far greater than my own. How is He able to manage every life on this planet and keep track of them all throughout history?

But, then the Lord always shows me that He is greater than all the misery in this world. In fact, He is greater than all the details in this universe. He maintains every blade of grass in every forgotten meadow in every barren wilderness all over this planet.

He knows the names of every star in every galaxy, every bit of nebula dust in every forgotten backwater in the vast reaches of this universe. Every molecule, every atom, everywhere.

So, does anyone ever fall through the cracks in God’s universe?

No. No detail, no shade of worry, no millisecond of pain, tragic loss, misery or suffering is ever lost on the Lord. No moment that He takes a break, drops the ball or makes a mistake.

In all their affliction he was afflicted., the Prophet Isaiah said. God feels it all.

So every tear is in His bottle. And no shade of hope or dream is ever wasted with Him. He has eternity in mind for every soul. And He works to that end. His desire is to bring every soul that will trust Him into eternal life and fulfillment that begins when that person comes to Christ.

And it continues forever into the countless, wonderful eternity that lies ahead.