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Are There Absolutes We Must Believe?

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The scriptures command us to Defend the Faith.

This presupposes that there actually are scriptural absolutes to defend.

Not just good ideas. Nor simply strong beliefs. But solid, non-negotiable, doctrinal truths.

Even so the modern Evangelical church is moving away from scriptural absolutes. Not long ago, one of our local pastors even made a comment against “absolutes”.

Which means that truth must not really be true anymore. Even though our pastors still call “truth” by that name.

At least not absolute truth which one must believe in order to be right with God. Which one must believe in order to be saved.

Nowadays, it’s more about what you do or don’t do or how nice and loving you are that makes you right with God.

Instead of what you actually believe.

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The Gospel Disintegration: Conclusion –What Love Truly Demands

Fall Troubled Sunset

What Love Truly Demands

It is true that none of us is perfect. We each have our faults and errors.

My own experience has made that abundantly clear over the years. On a daily basis.

But, despite our failures, we are not given the right to remain silent when error threatens the church. We are still duty-bound to both keep and defend the Lord’s word.

The popular wisdom is that we should not criticize others since we also are most likely open to criticism. Which sounds like wise counsel.

But that popular practice is in direct contradiction to what the Bible actually says we should do. In fact, in contradiction to what the Bible repeatedly commands us to do.

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