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Words Mean Things : Part 3 – A Pocket Full of Translations

Tall Stack

Any leader today can claim to believe the essence of truth.

And there is little that the Christian, standing upon the modern texts, can say to correct him. Because the words in the modern texts are like shifting sand.

And, as such, promise neither accuracy nor authority.

Oh, wait. Correction. They DO promise those things. They just can’t deliver on those things.
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Words Mean Things: Part 2 – What IS the Word of God?

Elephant in Refrig

This all comes down to what the word of God truly is?

Do we believe that the word of God is the actual words written on a page many thousands of years ago? Or do we believe that the word of God is the essence of truth, or the general idea of truth, or some other phrase that conveys the idea that God meant to convey?

As opposed to the very specific words themselves.

You see, we have a very real problem here. And it is the elephant in the room within the biblical church. The elephant we pretend is not there.

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Science Says Nothin’


Science says nothin’.

That’s right. Science doesn’t say a stinkin’ thing.

People say things. People interpret data. Then they draw their own conclusions.

We each interpret the world around us. We each make a choice about which evidence we observe. Who we listen to. What we watch. Which data we study.

And we also decide which people or institutions to trust.

Because life is a series of choices. Of moral and spiritual choices.

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Words Mean Things

Good Bad Words

OK. I borrowed this phrase from Rush. Rush Limbaugh, that is.

It’s a simple phrase that carries profound meaning.

Specifically, that a word holds a precise meaning. And it conveys an idea with boundaries.

A word has limitations of meaning dictated by rules of language, context, and culture.

Unlike feelings that are fuzzy, nebulous and fleeting, a word has weight and form.

Like a stone.

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Outside the Camp: Conclusion – Accountable in Teaching

Sheep Being Fed Clover

Another important aspect of our solitary walk with Christ is our willingness to be accountable for what we teach and the sources we recommend in our teaching.

This is not something that usually worries those within Evangelicalism. Unless it has to do with warning someone of a legalistic or very strange teacher.

Outside of that, we tend to recommend and quote most anyone in our sermons if that source is popular and if that source is advancing our point.

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Outside the Camp

Solitary walk on ridge

Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp, bearing his reproach.” (Hebrews 13:13)

When the Lord rode into Jerusalem on a colt, about a week before He would go to the cross, the people shouted and praised Him and spread palm branches and clothes in His path. (Matthew 21)

But the Lord knew that this would not last. He knew that He would soon hang on a cross outside the holy city. He would be despised and rejected of men. Cast out from the religious system and the world’s culture.

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Morning Has Broken

Lilly Reflection Clouds

Spring Arrives in the Valley

Hello Everyone,

Just took a break this week to finish a short slideshow of some of my photography work over the years. I live in North Eastern Ohio; not too far from the Cuyahoga Valley.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life hiking all the Valley trails. Most of these photos are from that area. With a few nearer my hometown in Wadsworth.

Hope this gives you a lift during all the dark times we have been going through. Hope you are all doing well.

In His Grace,



The Satisfaction of God: Conclusion – What Does It Take?

Sunrise Wide Rays

There is a dangerous error which concerns the traditions of discipline practiced within popular Christianity and within many other religions of the world.

This teaching promotes a false basis for how we approach and commune with God. And for how we may please God.  

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The Satisfaction of God

Storm Lightning Orange Clouds

In recent posts, we talked about discipline and self denial as commonly practiced within “the church”.

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