Mountain Treacherous Climbers

Not a long post here today.

I’ve been working on a front porch project for the last couple months. And now I’m finding myself trying to get it done before the snow flies.

Fall is in full swing here in Ohio. And some parts of the country are already getting hit with unseasonably early snow.

So, some of my other “To Be Continued … ” posts are taking me a lot longer to complete as I try to get this project finished.

But, in the meantime, I’m watching as so many critical and serious things are happening which are affecting our country and our world. Seriously dangerous things.

And I’m also seeing serious problems increasing in our churches. Especially relating to the way that the gospel is presented to the lost.

The gospel is not all positive, good, fluffy, sweetness, and light. 

There is a terribly negative side to what the word of God tells us about the Lord’s Salvation and of Eternity. 

We cannot do justice to the Lord’s gospel when we try to focus only on the good and nice things in the world. And avoid proclaiming God’s warning of the eternal consequences that all who are lost must face

Rejecting the Streams of Mercy

The world does not want to see its need. Anything but that. 

They go to great lengths to focus on anything and everything except for the horrible destiny awaiting every soul who rejects “the streams of mercy”. Who rejects the wonderful salvation that only comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We are surrounded by religious people.

Of every conceivable type.

Who have their own methods of salvation. Who follow their own carefully selective codes of life. Often picking and choosing among many different “Christian” ideas and doctrines as suits them. 

While rejecting the completed work of Christ on the Cross. 

The Gospel is Written and Spoken Truth 

There are so many groups who speak the same Christian language. Using the same terms and saying the same phrases. That easily deceive Christians who won’t take the time to get serious about the word of God and doctrinal matters. 

Who have chosen to focus on other Christian methods of service. Believing that those other things are the same as the gospel. Even saying that those things are more “gospel centered” than the written and spoken truth of the gospel. 

It is absolutely critical that we preach the truth clearly to people. And use words to do so. 

We must not shrink back from preaching “the hard sayings” of Christ. We can’t be buddies with the false teachers or other enemies of the gospel. Or take some wishy-washy position on doctrinal truth. 

Yet tragically, that is the exactly the way of the church today.

To go easy. To be positive. To focus on our common ground with the enemies of the truth; rather than on their biblical heresies. 

When we choose to ignore or gloss over these terrible errors, we are holding back critical truth to the lost. The lost who cannot be saved unless they hear the truth. Even if it offends them. 

We have no right to hold back the offense of the gospel so that we may feel better about ourselves. So that we may think of ourselves as nice or loving Christians. 

As people go to Hell. 

The gospel is serious business. 

It is serious, Eternal business. 


Image by Sergio Cerrato – Italia from Pixabay